Useful Writing Tips


Decide what sort of story you are going to write: fantasy, adventure, horror, or a story about everyday life. We don’t mind the type of story so long as it is connected with school and you keep to the competition rules about length.


Before you start writing, plan out your story, thinking about the setting, the characters, main events and how you want the story to end. REMEMBER TO GIVE YOUR STORY A TITLE.


There are three ways to start a story: 1. With dialogue 2. With description 3. With action. Look at how some of your favourite authors begin their stories. See which style you prefer.


With short stories, it can be confusing if you have too many characters. A maximum of four is usually best.


Conversations add life to stories but check to make sure they always help reveal the personality of the character or move the plot along.


Try to use different words to start your sentences. Also, vary the link words you use – it’s boring if you keep repeating ‘then’ or ‘and’. Using a variety of words will make your story more interesting. These are things you can go back and improve when you are going through your story.


Make your sentences different lengths. Using short and long sentences makes your writing more interesting.


Tie up any loose ends and try not to end your story too suddenly. Your story should end in a way that is satisfying for the reader.


Read and re-read your story before you make your final submissions.


Stories must be between 500 and 1000 words long.


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