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Monthly InGenius meet-up

We have been thinking about this for some time now and finally decided to act! Yay!

We create lot of interesting content – quizzes, workshops and also come across LOT of interesting content created by others (TED talks, books, websites, apps, games, a new hobby, presentation style like pecha kucha) which are not just to be shared but also actively discussed and worked upon, with – yes, you guessed it right, kids. We had been dithering on scheduling something regular because we wanted to get it perfect – a cool venue, projector, accessible to parents, we wanted to get the timing right etc. etc. Then we figured out that the great stuff and the kids shouldn’t be denied each other because of stupid reasons like infrastructure. While we will continue to share stuff online on our blog with the Interesting Stuff series of posts and we will also have our more formally defined workshops like Summer Camps (incidentally our April batch is starting on 15th April – the official announcement will be up very soon), we are going to start our monthly meet-ups which we call InGenius meet-ups. While the agenda is not going to be set in stone, you can be assured that we don’t do anything without an objective or an outcome in mind 🙂

So what will be the outcome from the InGenius meet-ups?

Children will become

  • better informed about the world around them
  • better equipped to work on ‘projects’
  • better judges of what they are good at and what they like
  • more inquisitive
  • better communicators.

We may eventually have a TEDx of our own!

So how will an InGenius meet-up look like?

We’ll have ~10 participants at a cafe/meeting room/classroom. One facilitator will come along with a laptop. We’ll show a video/website/game/app/article/news item/presentation which will be the central theme for the day. And then the participants will drive the remainder of the meet-up. We could simply discuss and debate the Israel conflict, we could answer questions of a mythology quiz, we could learn to present using Prezi, we could discuss the chances of Pune FC in the football league. The facilitators will look to challenge the participants in every which way and try to get them to ‘take things forward’ e.g.create a Prezi on your favourite topic, write a Wikipedia page on each player of Pune FC, create a working model of a battery operated aeroplane. There will be considerable project work that will be required to be done outside the meet-ups. Things are not going to be mandatory but (I hope) there will be social pressure to fulfill commitments made to team-mates.

The group will decide what we work on. We will only give pointers to what we can offer.

Who is invited?

Anyone in the age-group of 8-14 years. You want to learn; you want to share what you know.

Who is not invited?

  • Parents who can’t handle a child who questions status quo (You must think this through. It is not easy to answer a child who questions stuff you have learned to accept without giving a lot of thought)


We haven’t decided on the venue yet. For starters, we are looking at Baner/Aundh areas. We’ll be happy with any restaurant/CCD kind of a place that is decently accessible. We are looking for options – so please suggest if you know of any place.

Venue: Cafe Peter Donuts, near Gaekwad Petrol Pump, Aundh, Pune.

Date: 16/03/2013

Time: 10:30 AM to 12 noon

Charges: Whatever the owner asks – could be 1 donut each/1 iced tea for the facilitator/mention on this blog. All we’d recommend is we should be nice to the owners for allowing us to use their facilities. We should be able to get started with a group-size of anywhere from 1 to 10.

How do you register?

Drop us a mail on harish(AT)tenderleaves(DOT)com or leave a comment. We’ll get back to you.


Interesting Stuff #1

We are starting a series of posts for our young readers and their parents. We will be sharing interesting stuff that should be useful for our readers in the age group of 4-14 years. These could be about tools you could learn, competitions you could participate in, information you could benefit from, games you could play, TV shows you could watch, websites you could follow and of course, books you could read. Since what we will be sharing will have one prominent quality – a high interestingness quotient, we are sure others (whom we call enlightened lifelong learner souls) will also enjoy. We will also try to give an Interestingness Quotient rating every time we share something with you.

Scratch – we are starting our series by sharing about Scratch. We were introduced to Scratch by a dear friend last month. Scratch comes from the MIT Media Lab. So it has got excellent credentials to go by. 🙂

From its About Scratch page,

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art — and share your creations on the web.

We found it to be an excellent tool to get someone started with the basics of programming. We are big believers and proponents of the fact that you take personal responsibility for your learning when you are interested and that’s the only way you can learn something permanently. If you are learning something to pass an exam or because someone is telling you to, you may get the result (read test score) but you wouldn’t have learned enough to master the skill.

Scratch allows you to actually give a form to what you can imagine. We recommend this to every parent and we hope to see lot of the imaginations of our readers being put up on their site. You need to download the Scratch package and get started. You can also get started on the online editor. Our friend who introduced us to Scratch is already using it in the school he runs. We’re sure the kids enjoy it.

If you or someone you know has been using Scratch, please share your experience and projects in the comments section.

Interestingness Quotient : 5/5.