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Should The White Tiger be saved?


The White Tiger

The atmosphere at Tender Leaves is fraught with tension. We’re split in two factions. And for once we can’t seem to come to an amicable consensus.

The reason for that is Aravind Adiga. Author of the Booker Prize winning The White Tiger, he is back with his next book – Last Man in Tower. And that’s what got the debate going.

The Booker Prize for The White Tiger took half of us by surprise. There were those who read the book and dismissed it as vague, insincere and completely uninspiring. Its claim to fame being that it was a book by an Indian writer garnering the sympathy of the world, compelling it to look at India as a Third World developing nation.

Coming on the heels of the multiple-Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire, it seemed like India was the flavour of the month and anything that exposed its sordidness deserved a prize. It left us smarting.

(We henceforth doubt the credibility of award shows)

Last Man in Tower

But then there were those who believe The White Tiger showcased reality. The real India. Unlike the image of the IT destination of the world; the technology-embracing nation and its people; the land of natural beauty and warm hosts that leaders were / are pushing for.

The White Tiger speaks about the great divide between the haves and the have-nots, and the rawness of human nature.

Who is correct? Neither side wants to back down.

Perhaps you could help us settle the debate. Quickly. Before the guns are drawn and there’s bloodshed.


Kid’s popular mysteries

Miss Marple's Final Cases

What are they?

We’ve all grown up, and are familiar, with the usual suspects – Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo, among others.

But what are the kids’ favourites? Percy Jackson? Hardy Boys?

Surely there are more. Give us your answers.

And the best ones will feature on the blog and get spoken about on Facebook too.

Survey: Essential Indian Books

Peter Griffin is conducting a survey to arrive at the Essential Indian books. This is an exercise partly for himself, partly in his role curating the literature section of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, partly in his role as co-founder of Caferati.

Click here to go to the survey to arrive at an India canon.

He is also conducting an informal readership survey. Click here to fill out the second survey.

The first form can take as long to fill as it would take you to type out very basic info on all your favourite Indian books. The second will take about 5 minutes, max.