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Surviving cancer, and laughing through it all..

I want to grow hair, I want to grow up, I want to go to Boise.

I want to grow hair, I want to grow up, I want to go to Boise.

Erma Bombeck
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thought this book would be all about courage and grit and determination. It is. But it’s also about optimism and humour and hope. Children, perhaps in their innocence, automatically have the power to not take things, life seriously. This book, once again, painfully reminds us of the childhood we leave behind. And then yearn for, without fail. Every single one of us.


Shhh, young reviewer at work

Reviewers don’t come any younger. And sweeter. All of 6 years, Arunima talks about her favourite book, Ganesha.

In a few words, she tells us, the reader, what the book is all about and her straightforward reasons for enjoying it.

But why write about it. Better let her review do the talking.

Arunima's 2-page review of Ganesha

If you enjoyed a book and want to review it, let us know. If you didn’t enjoy a book and want to review it, let us know. You know what, if you just want to talk about a book, let us know! We’ll blog it.

Open by Andre Agassi

Reasons to read this book

0. You have not read a decent sports book in a while
1. You thought Agassi was the ‘coolest’ player ever to play tennis
2. You thought American tennis lacked spunk
3. Pete Sampras was too boring & clinically efficient for your taste
4. Being as good as he was, Agassi must have loved playing tennis
5. Agassi had great hair and must have shaved his head out of boredom

Agassi has written perhaps the best book on the life of a tennis player ever since McEnroe’s ‘Serious” came out. And since I have read McEnroe’s book as well, I can say with no prejudice that Agassi’s book is far more colorful than McEnroe’s.
Besides Agassi’s candour endears him to the reader as he talks about fears of any youngster growing up with a parent with high expectations, a messy love-life and other experiences anyone can relate to, not just a talented tennis superstar.

Not since Eric Clapton’s autobiography has anyone written so freely about themselves. A must read for any sports buff