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Tumhala kalla ka?


Kharach nahi kalla?
They say knowing the script doesn’t mean knowing the language. So, if you don’t know the answer to this question because you don’t understand it, it is alright. Read ahead to find out.

But if you understand the question and yet don’t have the answer, then most certainly read further.

Gammat-jammat at Tender Leaves
The Marathi book collection at Tender Leaves is bursting with new titles. A staggering 100 of them. Right from Pune’s favourite VaPu and PuLa, going on to include Mirasdar and Jayant Dalvi. Find the complete set of each of these literary gems only here.

Perhaps you’ve read them before, perhaps you haven’t. Pay them a visit. Savour the fine subtleties and richness of a culture that has enthralled countless people before you. You can also pick up Marathi translations of popular English titles here.

They belong to everyone
Your sweet Marathi neighbour. The colleague who sits across the cubicle. Your katta friends. Tell them all. Get them to enjoy these books. For as long as they want to.