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So long and thanks for everything

When we started Tender Leaves in 2010, we believed that books and libraries still hold an important place in our lives and society. We also set continuous high targets for ourselves to exceed your expectations.

The positive feedback we received from you kept telling us that we were doing something right and our biggest pat on the back was on the day when we issued our 50,000th book.

But in the last year, because of the prevailing business climate, we felt we weren’t able to meet our own exacting standards and have reached a point where it has become commercially unaffordable for us to maintain the same levels of service that you have got used to, with us.

We don’t want to cut corners or under-deliver on the promises made to you and to ourselves. So our Board has come to the painful decision that we will discontinue our library operations with immediate effect, i.e. 11/11/2013.

It has been a great journey for us and we are grateful to you for having given us the opportunity to serve you. I and my team will always be indebted to you and will treasure this experience.

If you use our service through your employer’s corporate library subscription account, please mark your books for return and drop them in the drop-box by 14/11/2013.

If you have subscribed to our service directly, mark your books for return and we’ll pick up the books and return your refundable deposit and the amount for the remaining duration of your subscription. (You’d have already received an email with details of the refund)

Before we sign off, we’d like to point to this fantastic article by Neil Gaiman on the importance of libraries and why our future depends on them.

Thank you!!