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What’s in a name?

So while some of you have asked me about the names Tender Leaves and Bonzer, others have checked if we have followed IUPAC nomenclature conventions and some others have wondered how we got a .com domain name. We were amazed that we could get incoporated as a Pvt. Ltd. Company with the same name!

So what exactly is our name all about? This is what Tender Leaves stands for –

Fresh: We believe every book is about an idea that grows in your minds… We look at ourselves as helping the spread of those ideas – those tender leaves. Ours is a fresh way of looking at the concept of a library – it is not just about our wide range of books with a good balance of old and new or the convenience of having books delivered to you. It is going to be a platform to share your favourite books with friends; discover and connect with experts, fellow readers and fans which is going to turn the conventional library experience into a novel, fun-filled and enriching one. While we will have the range of books for the experienced readers, we will help the experimenters explore unchartered territory and get started with new genres and languages. We are happiest when you find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

Green: While we are having lot of fun doing what we are doing, the very nature of a book rental service implies that we are all doing our bit for the environment – reducing the need to cut trees for making new paper and maximizing the use of what has already been consumed.

Grow/Spread the joy: Reading books has brought a great deal of joy to our lives. We are grateful about it. Sadly, there are many underprivileged children who do not get a chance to experience that joy. By continuously contributing to non-profits working in the area of education, we will try to spread the joy of reading among as many children as we can.

What about our mascot, Bonzer?

According to Wikipedia,

Bonzer, which was once a common Australian slang word meaning “great”, “superb” or “beautiful”, is thought to have been a corruption of the American mining term bonanza, which means a rich vein of gold or silver and is itself a loanword from Spanish.

This definition fits in with what we wish to bring in your lives – a bonanza of books!

Let’s sign off with a quiz question – what is the significance of Bonzer in the context of Indian cricket?