Interesting Stuff – 2

Today we will talk about couple of our crappy but green friends. 😛

Gobar Times not only has an interesting name but the work they do is also quite fun (fundung as they would put it). It is an initiative of the Centre for Science and Environment and the Global Schools Program is doing some nice work to get school students to become eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly is not just a fancy thing to be – we feel it is as important as teaching the kids to do their addition, read A,B,C and speaking the truth. Gobar Times has some cool sections and is available in the e-magazine format as well. Do check it out. (Hat tip to Sanasi K)

Our other green friend that we would like to introduce to you is dailydump. Dailydump is based in Bengaluru and are doing great work in tackling some of the critical problems of  urban India – like waste management. They have some nice designs for pots to be used for composting and also provide lot of tips which will help you and me contribute our bit to solving the problem of waste disposal. The best part is – when we solve the problem, we not only address the problem (waste disposal) but we get something good to help us in another area (manure for plants, support for potters). They have distributors in quite a few cities in India and can help you get started immediately.

Wishing you all a colourful Holi, a blessed Good Friday and a happy Easter.


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