ANSWERS/RESULTS: Books and literature quiz as a part of International Book Week.

..and here we are with the results of the International Book Week Quiz! It was very very close at the top – only one point separated the top 11 people. So we’ve decided to award prizes to the top 11 finishers in the quiz.

The top 11 get books from TenderLeaves – which we think will be quite appropriate for the International Book Week. You should hear from our team shortly.

The winners are:

1. Jebby Varghese

2. Sameer Agarwal

3. Rajat Giridhar

4. Oswin Diniz

5. Veena Jhawar

6. Sanasi

7. Uttara

8. Rishabh Shukla

9. Varun

10. Nidhi Tripathi Shukla

11. Sourabh Shukla

Congratulations – and keep reading!


…and below are the answers to the quiz itself.

1. Alexandria, Egypt
2. Dr. Seuss
3. JK Rowling
4. The Old Curiosity Shop
5. Wodehouse
6. Arundhati Roy
7. RK Narayan
8. Jayant Narlikar
9. Haddock
10. Sidney Sheldon




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