My Olympics Quotient – 10 weekend sessions, 25 fun-filled activities, Fan Shooting @ Gun for Glory Academy, Baner & rendezvous with an Olympian!

Do you have dreams for your kids?

Do you want your kids to achieve much more than what just books have to offer?

Do you dream of your kid making it BIG and making you proud?

More importantly, does your kid have dreams?

What are we talking about?

The obvious answer to all is YES!

We all want our kids to do well in life and reach the pinnacle of success in whatever they choose to do. What a feeling it is when your kid is succeeding in life and making you proud! To inculcate the habit of learning, wanting success and eventually achieving it the kids have to start NOW. It is important that we do not become another face in the crowd; we must differentiate ourselves.

We are proud to offer a variety of children’s workshops that you can trust. We know how important choosing the right workshops can be and that’s why we endeavor to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible, for you as well as your children.

There’s nothing better than being creative, and starting at an early age can lead to no end in pleasure. My Olympics Quotient could be the perfect thing for your kids, giving them a chance to be creative and yet learn a great deal, giving them encouragement and enthusiasm to carry it on into later life. What could be better than that?

Tender Leaves is glad to present My Olympics Quotient. The Olympics Quotient involves a myriad of activities ranging from creative writing to vocabulary building, mind mapping sessions, improving presentation skills, encouraging philately and highlights Indian culture through Olympian ages. These activities will enhance a child’s interpersonal and intra-personal skills.

Not just that … the kids will also be doing some shooting under the watchful eyes of trained professionals at the Gun for Glory Academy, Baner (

And guess what? They also get to meet an Olympian and learn from him what it takes to be a Champion! Guess who it could be?!!!

Not enough? We will also throw in an Olympic-like tournament for the kids where each one of them gets to be an Olympian for a day!

Where and when? Dec 1st, 2012 at Sanjay Sports Academy, Nr. Hotel Green Park, Baner, Pune

What do you have to do now?!
Call: 9881107181 / 020-32305063 / 020-32677221



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