Books and literature quiz as a part of International Book Day.

We continue celebrating this year’s International Book Week with a books-and-literature quiz! As always, we have attractive prizes – this time in THREE categories –

a. School participants(students of upto class 12).

b. College participants(undergraduate and postgraduate students).

c. Open participants(everyone else).

The rules are simple:

– There are 10 questions.

– One point per question.

– No negative marking. The persons who score the highest(in each category) win.

– Type out your answers as comments to this blogpost. (Comments are moderated – and wont show up to others).

That’s it. Without much ado, we get cracking on the quiz!

  1. This is an ancient library that survives in its modern incarnation. Where is it?








2. Which author designed this ad?








3. Whose latest book is called ‘Casual Vacancy’?

4. The name of this place in London has been blanked out. What Dickens book shares its name with the name of this place?













5. The Bollinger Everyman _____ Prize is one of UK’s literary awards for comic literature. As a part of festivities, a pig is named after the winning novel. What author’s surname fills up the blank?

6. Who wrote the screenplay for this movie?














7. Who started a publishing company called Indian Thought Publications?

8. Identify this Pune-based writer.

















9. Which comic book character is named after this fish?









10. Which writer wrote the screenplay for this movie?


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