What’s happening at International Book Week at TenderLeaves…..

“When the “Baron’s Barracudas” team took the stage, sure enough, the suggestion for the improv was “beer”.

     Shamanth Rao



“Never pay for work before it’s completed”

Abhinav Shrivastava



“Two days later. Reverend Mother rose (having refused to be examined by her husband for the first time in her life), reassumed her powers, and with a shrug of acquiescence in her daughter’s decision, passed Aziz his food as though it were a mere trifle of a business”.

 Kamala Menon



“He had the attitude that he could do anything , and therefore so can you”

 Ragini Deshpande



So I attempted to convey through my expression alone my desire to understand her and said nothing further.

 Isha Sharma Bali



In this benighted land, “forgiveness” was the refuge of a coward.

 Neil Niranjan McHoff



Such confusion of two statements partakes of a trivial , very trivial, logical error- but we are not immune to trivial, logical errors, nor are professors and thinkers particularly immune to them.

Tejas S. Sawant



You don’t need to be a genius to be succeesful or famous.

Jackson Rajkumar



It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

Rittik Jana



“Bravery isn’t always what one ‘feels’ in one’s heart, but ‘knowing’ that you are scared and still choosing to act bravely. Taking the ownership of the consequences is what bravery actually is.”

Rupali Rotti



The International Book Week gets over soon, but we’ll love books all the same! Thank you all for your super-enthusiastic response.

It isnt over yet, of course. You can still take part in the celebrations. The rules are simple:

– Grab the book nearest to you.
– Turn to page 52.- Share the 5th sentence of the book as your Facebook status on the TenderLeaves Facebook page wall(share it on your personal wall too if you’d like).

– Dont mention the title of the book.

– Post these rules below your post. Share it with people so they can participate just as well.

That is not all. In a couple of hours, we’ll have a books-and-literature quiz to celebrate the International Book week. Watch this space.

Cheers from the TenderLeaves team.


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