Teach your child how to fish

Learning is a function of curiosity. A curious child learns more; learns faster. You want your child to develop the habit of curiosity. You also want to teach your child ‘How to’ instead of spoon feeding him with information. e.g. How to find out more about some place or an event; what does it take to become someone you admire and how can you do something similar; how to express yourself? The challenge is how to make the ‘How to’ interesting enough for your child to take it up. To answer this, first let’s examine what motivates a child?

  • A subject that interests him
  • A project with clearly defined end-state (goals) to work towards
  • A fun-filled exercise that keeps him engaged
  • Peer recognition

This is also the holy grail that we keep aiming at, to make your job as parents easier.

My Olympics Diary

My Olympics Diary by Tender Leaves is such a project that you and your child can take up while the London Olympic Games are on.It is a subject that involves your child’s favourite pastime, sports. To create the Diary, he will not only find out about the history of Olympics, legendary sportsmen and host countries but also keenly follow the London Games. The project also demands the child to understand and appreciate the efforts taken by the athletes and writing about it not only hones his information gathering skills but also his ability to clearly express himself.

Stages of My Olympics Diary

There will be 3 stages : July 27th – 31st , August 1st – 6th , August 7th – 12th .

Each stage will have a 6 page document that needs to be downloaded and filled. Each document will have the following sections –

  • Citius: Questions based on Trivia, Olympic disciplines that will get covered during that stage of the Olympic Diary
  • Altius: An exercise based on the results of the 2012 London Games.
  • Fortius: A writing exercise based on the Games and activities based on the Games.

How will it work?

  • At the end of each stage, your child will submit the filled-out Diary Entry of that Stage and send it by email/post. When he submits the Diary Entry of one stage, he receives the Diary Entry for the next stage.
  • The submission for Fortius (writing exercise) from each stage will be uploaded on an online platform for others to view and vote.
  • At the end of the three stages, an e-book will be created for all those who submit the Diary Entries for all the stages. The Top 10 entries based on correct answers in the Citius and Altius exercises and votes for Fortius will receive 1 free print copy of the Olympic Diary.

The different stages of My Olympics Diary are designed to keep the child engaged through the duration of the Games.

Who can participate?

The exercises have been designed for children in the age-group of 8 to 12 years. Any child who is curious and whose parents (You!) are ready to help him out when needed, can participate.

How does your child benefit?

  • Improve knowledge of sports, athletes, history, countries
  • Improve skills like information-gathering, structuring of thoughts, writing
  • Develop curiosity
  • Create a souvenir for himself that he will treasure for life
  • Spend quality time with you!

How do you get started?

Register here and you will receive the First Stage of My Olympics Diary and you are on your way. We expect you to help your child wherever he needs help but actually doing it himself will give him the greatest thrill.

As the Chinese proverb goes –

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


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