The Harry Potter Memories Contest – PotterMania at TenderLeaves.

At TenderLeaves, we’re celebrating 15 years of Harry Potter. We’ve fun contests – and loads of prizes to give away – as we celebrate our favourite boy wizard’s birthday.

Here’s presenting the  Harry Potter Memories Contest – with gift vouchers worth more than 1.2 lakh up for grabs – and assured prizes for all participants!


All you need to do is tell us what are your favourite memories about reading Harry Potter.

That time you read a HP book after you did horribly at an exam?

That time you read it on a 24 hour long train journey?

That time you hesitantly picked up your first Harry Potter book?

That time you watched a HP movie with your best friend?

Share with your friends and us YOUR best Harry Potter memories!


It’s EASY to participate – and should take only 2 minutes of your time. Here’s how:

  •   Like the TenderLeaves Facebook page(if you havent done so already):
  •   Post your best Harry Potter memories on your OWN Facebook wall.
  •   Tag TenderLeaves to your post – by typing @TenderLeaves. As you start to type, you will see a popdown appear below – select TenderLeaves from the popdown that appears as shown below. (This will let us see your post).

(Alternately, you can post your entry on the TenderLeaves Facebook page wall).

There is no word limit – you can make your post as long or short as you like – as long as it’s memorable!

The winner will be the person with the highest number of ‘likes’ on YOUR post about your favourite HP memories.


We have gift vouchers for 10 winners who post memories that receive the highest number of likes. Up for grabs are gift vouchers worth more than Rs. 1.2 lakh from:

–  Helios watches.

– tees.

–  Café Chokolade.

–  Four Fountain Spa.

–  Osar Gifts.

–  Coloursplash tees.

– Custom-made Harry Potter badges.


Go ahead, make this Pottermania special by sharing those memories with your Facebook friends and with us.

(We also have a Harry Potter quiz and caption contest coming up – watch this space!)

Go NOW to to participate!

(Questions, queries? Just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page – or write to )


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