Pottermania at TenderLeaves – with fun events & exciting prizes.

It only seems like yesterday – it was way back in 1997 that JK Rowling came up with the magical story of a boy wizard. At TenderLeaves this week, we celebrate the long, lazy afternoons of reading pleasure that Harry has given us over the years.

To celebrate, TenderLeaves Online Library is organizing many fun activities lined up for you this week – with generous prizes.

a.  The Harry Potter quiz.

b. The Harry Potter memories contest.

c. The Harry Potter Caption contest.

…and more.

We have huge prizes too – with thanks to our generous sponsors, the contests will include gift vouchers(worth more than 1.2 lakh) from:

–  Helios watches.

–  Wyo.in tees.

–  Café Chokolade.

–  Four Fountain Spa.

–  Osar Gifts.

–  Coloursplash tees.

…not to mention customized Harry Potter badges!

We’ll get started on the contests over the next few days. All contests will come up on the TenderLeaves Facebook page.

Why not go over to http://Facebook.com/tenderleaves1 (and like the page if you havent) – and keep track of all the fun events around Pottermania – and the great prizes?


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