The TenderLeaves & Teach For India Quiz League – CuriosITi – Online Quiz #1.

Right. So here’s presenting the first online quiz in the follow up to the TenderLeaves & Teach For India Quiz League – CuriosITi.

Rules are simple.

a. This quiz is open to ALL.

b. 10 questions to be answered by Tuesday, 19 June, 11:59pm.

c. Leave your answers in the comments section below.

d. The winner will get a free membership of TenderLeaves Library’s Leisure Reader plan for a month. (If you are already a member, you’ll get a month off).

d. In case of a tie, we’ll do a sudden death. (If two people A & B are tied, and A has got question 1 but not B, then A wins). If the tie is unresolved after we go through all 10 questions, we pick lots and pick the winner.

That’s it! Below are the questions to get you started NOW!



1. This town in Pennsylvania, which gives its name to a corporation as well, is described by its official website as ‘the sweetest place on earth’. Which place?

2. Identify this person, considered one of the greatest in his field.

3. This mathematician was working on a mathematical concept – when he was spending time with his infant nephew. He named the concept after a sound made by his infant nephew as he babbled. What concept resulted?

4. How is this guy immortalized in the world of sport?

5. Which former sports administrator is the Executive Director of Godfrey Philips India?

6. What sporting venue’s name translates to ‘village on sea’?

7. The official end termini in North and South are Roha and Thokur. What are we talking about?

8. Google Doodle honoring whom?

9.In 1849, a British cantonment was established on the slopes of the Dhauladhar, on land where a Hindu resthouse stood. This resulted in the place’s name. What?

10. Image from which game?


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