How we structured the TenderLeaves Summer Camp 2012 – a behind-the-scenes look.

As you’ll have noticed, the TenderLeaves summer camp for kids had a very wide range of activities – from Pottery to Magic to Music – and was very well received indeed.

We’d like to share with you how we thought through and structured the entire Summer Camp so as to make it an enriching(and fun) experience for the kids.We wanted to make sure the Camp was not only enjoyable – but also productive and instructive for kids.

The summer camp wasnt based on our subjective opinion of what would be ‘fun’ activities. It was based on Howard Gardner’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner is a developmental psychologist who has done extensive work on education, learning and cognitive development. So Gardner said that intelligence isnt a single ‘ability’ – but that there is a wide range of cognitive abilities that intelligence can be broken down into.

He recommended that well rounded education focus on developing these individual ‘skills’ and ‘abilities’ in kids. This would make them truly well rounded – and ready to solve real world problems in all their complexity. These were the skills that Gardner recommended that students inculcate.

a. Logical-mathematical – logic, problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking. The Science Fest and Curiosity Workshop were focused on this.

b. Spatial – the ability to visualize in the mind’s eye. The Art & Craft workshop was focused on this.

c. Linguistic – Spoken and written words, articulation, story-telling, expression. The Theatre & Drama workshop was focused on this.

d. Bodily-kinesthetic building, making, handling physical objects skillfully. The Clay & Pottery workshop and Cookery Workshop focused on this.

e. Musical – sensitivity to sounds, rhythm, auditory sensations. The Fun with musical instruments session was focused on this.

f. Interpersonal – Sensitivity to others’ motivations, ability to cooperate and work together. The Treasure Hunt, Mind-mapping – and nearly all activities involved working in a group.

g. Intrapersonal – Introspective and reflective abilities. The Mind-mapping activity focused on this.

h. Naturalistic – Sensitivity and acceptance of nature & natural surroundings. Tree planting & bird watching activities focused on this.

If the kids’ feedback was anything to go by, everybody loved the sheer range of activities the Summer Camp had – and the way everything was planned and structured.

What do you think? Do share your feedback on the structure and execution of the camp in the comments below.

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  2. Posted by Bhavna Bhatnagar on June 14, 2012 at 5:12 am

    It was a very well organized and all rounded camp. I loved it and do did Vihaan. Thanks TenderLeaves !


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