The Diary of a Puneri Kid: the list of students whose story got published

Name Story School
Adityavardhan Trimal My Family Picnic St. Vincent’s
Arunima Das When did the God make the world? Gurukul
Aryan Kabadi Clever Raju Symbiosis Primary
Atman Kikani My Special Friend Figo Symbiosis Primary
Avani Atre The Robot in my bedroom Orchid
Janhavi Dande God’s Creation Kalmadi Shamrao
Kasturi Bhatt The Dancing Flower Orchid
Mandar Shukla Warrior Dragon Orchid
Mrunal Nandpure The Magic Leaf Symbiosis Primary
Noelle Bhargav Madhu turns over a new leaf Symbiosis Primary
Ojaswini Chaudhary My Fairy Symbiosis Primary
Ruchee Malpani An Adventure to Kaas Symbiosis Primary
Siddharth Dipankar Dinosaurs and me St. Vincent’s
Srisha Rewatkar Chain Snatching Symbiosis Primary
Suchit Hosur Birthday Party Amanora
Trisha Sankhe The Three Sisters, Sun, Wind and Moon  Symbiosis Primary
Trisha Shinde My Underwater Adventure Symbiosis Primary
Udita Kale Parable of the Pencil Symbiosis Primary
Vaishnavi Warrier Shiba and the monkey Orchid
Vibha Kannan The Trouble of Ghosts Amanora
Eric Napolean Evergreen Heroes Vikhe Patil Memorial School
Hadee Shaikh Pentia, Lucky, Mune and Rad’s superhit film Shantabai Ladkat English School
Insha Khan The Talking Doll St. Mira’s
Jainil Shah The Red Moon  Loyola’s
Krupa Mehta My Experience with the value of truthfulness St. Arnold’s
Kunal Uttekar My Dream KHS
Manushree Rathi And… I Saw the Aliens Symbiosis
Riddhi Dayma The Lost Princess Kate! Blue Ridge
Riddhi Khot A Town Called Boring St. Mira’s
Sampada Deshpande Axe Murder Hallow Millenium National School
V Samyuktha Aditya and the Frog Amanora
Sherebanu Noorani The Very Big parcel Dastur
Shreenanda Jadhav Big Black House Panditrao Agashe
Shruti Pundlik One day in Horrorland Amanora
Siddarth Iyer How The Microwave was Invented Orchid
Spandana Balanaga A Passage to a Package Vidya Valley
Tadnya Chandwaskar I Met Akbar and Birbal in their Century Symbiosis
Teerth Raval The race of the Aliens City International
Teertha Kulkarni A Fairy’s Sea Adventure Millenium National School
Vivan Poduval A Night at the Graveyard St. Vincent’s
Aditi Gupta A Day of 2080 Millenium National School
Aditi Limkar The Flowerpot House Sardar Dastur
Aditi Purandare Life like Humans City International
Danny Abraham Modern Vampires St. Arnold’s
The Scary April Fool Keyuri Desai Kalmadi Shamrao
Kunal Raje Man of Strength Blue Ridge
Neha Kawediya Live in the Present St. Mira’s
Prathamesh S Science Behind Eating Amanora
Richa Hirolikar The Great Escape Blueridge
Rohil Nataraj Speed Boy : The Story Begins Vidya Valley
Saylee Panchwagh Woman : A Divine Soul on Earth Abhinava
Shankar Rao A Page from Shankar’s Diary Kalmadi Shamrao
Shreyas Kulkarni End of Diwali Millenium National School
Shubham Kulkarni End of Boring Days Millenium National School
Siddhant Yelwande My Story Panditrao Agashe
Sejal Kshirsagar Adventure of Four Friends Symbiosis
Swarnim Sonawane The Har-har Islands and the Transformers Amanora
Tanay Agrawal Groovy Monster’s fate with the Robinson’s Family Loyola
Ved Jhavar Jake Bishop’s
Yashadip Jog The Secret of Mirror Panditrao Agashe

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