Getting irresponsible, and loving it!

Desmond Macedo

Dan Mullagathanny is the pseudonym for Desmond Macedo, an ex-advertising copywriter. Desmond has done creative writing for several years now. Besides Pune and Mumbai, he did an agency stint in Doha, Qatar, as well.

Humour writing is largely a hobby with him. He also runs a humour blog where he encourages humour storytelling. Over 20 people have written humour stories for this blog, many of them writing for the first time in their life. Dan Mullagathanny’s Irresponsible Stories is a collection of his best humour stories.

He is married and lives with his wife in Pune, and occasionally works in Bombay. Tender Leaves caught up with him and wanted to know what keeps him smiling all the time.

Q: Who is Dan?
A: Dan, full name Dan Mullagathanny, is a character from the book Dan Mullagathanny’s Irresponsible Stories, a collection of short, snappy and witty stories. He is ‘a character growing older in a country growing younger’. The name has been carefully chosen – a western first name with a vernacular (Tamil word for rasam) second name.

Sounds quaint, and meant to. 

Q: What’s the story behind the title?
A: Dan is an impudent, insolent fellow – talking without thinking. So happens that what he says is often true.  He has this reckless approach to storytelling: simply shooting his mind off, yet managing to stay logical (some stories have a thin, precipitous line of logic). His tone and style are irreverent and, sometimes, iconoclastic. In a couple of pieces, including the introduction story, Dan, the character, writes about his author – a highly-irregular thing to do. All in all, the book is humour without any apologies. Hence the title – ‘irresponsible stories’.

Dan Mullagathanny's Irresponsible Stories

Q: What made you write this book? Any inspiration? Could be a person, an event, anything.
A: Idleness. I had nothing to do, so I decided to write. Turned out that whatever I wrote was funny. So I continued with humour. That’s how the blog happened, which then happened into a book.

Q: What’s planned next?
A: Don’t know yet.

Q: Give us a list of your top 5 books ever, genre-wise or authors-wise.
1.      ‘I, Jan Cremer
2.      Alice In Wonderland/Through The Looking glass
3.      Catch 22

Non Humour
4.      A Stone For Danny Fisher
5.      To Kill A Mockingbird
6.      Catcher In The Rye – I like the satire in this book


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