The happiest kid on the block!

Arunima's proud display

Arunima’s ecstatic!

Besides the usual jamboree over new books, she had one more reason to jump in glee when we visited her.

That’s because her Tender Leaves uncle had a surprise for her – two special magnets. One for Young Explorer and one for Cruci-Verbalist.

Congrats kiddo. Here’s looking at you!

Cool badges for all

All you other kids out there. Did you know there are SIX MORE kinds of badges and magnets to win? One for every exciting activity that you participate in.  Quizzes, puzzles, crosswords and some simply for reading.

Are you a Harry Potter wiz or do you think you know Percy Jackson like nobody else does? These badges and magnets are for displaying your knowledge to your friends and at home.

Arunima's lovely note

Maybe you want to write a book review. Doesn’t have to be something you loved. Could be one you hated too, right?

All we’re saying, there are plenty of goodies to take home from Tender Leaves. You just need to know where to look. At the Pursuits page. Look forward to seeing you take more badges off our hands.

And thanks for the really sweet note you sent us Arunima!


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