Aaryan and His-Tory in the Making

A scene from 'I am so sleepy'

Age is no barrier for readers. They come in all shapes and sizes; and in varying degrees of eagerness and cuteness.

Like little Aaryan. All of 21 months, Aaryan is an excited Tender Leaves member who can’t wait for his new set of ‘tories’, squealing in delight every time the Tender Leaves uncle visits him.

At this age, he already has favourites and is always eager to listen to – no, act out – a new version of his ‘tory’.

Let’s take a stroll in his Land of Tories, a world that Aaryan and father visit every day. And they have a whale of a time doing that.

Aaryan's chalk drawing

This is where lions, tigers and wolves abound. And among them all is this brave little child who giggles and dances and gestures in abandon. Give him actions, sounds and a dynamic narrative, and you’ve got yourself a captive audience.

As his father knows. Every day after work, a tired but loving Aashish sits down to read and act out books. Sometimes 3-4 in one evening.

This imaginary land doesn’t end in the pages of Aaryan’s books. Often the story escapes the written word and finds itself drawn on sidewalks with chalk. Or in the form of paintings and cut-outs of favourite characters that Aaryan creates with his father.

Aaryan's re-creation of 'Snoring Shanmugam'

The internet helps too. Animated versions of the same story as well as narrations are available online. Aaryan particularly enjoys listening to the narration with the book in his lap.

That’s the beauty of a story – to transcend ages, mediums and imagination!

Do you have a similar tory… sorry, story… to share? Drop us a mail and we’ll talk about your young one here.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Bhojinder on May 21, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Wow!!! That’s a wonderful kid! And wonderful parents too!!!
    God Bless You!!!


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