Imagine That!

Parents, can you loan your kids to us for an hour, for a week?

Sonali Mahajan, a creative writer, is conducting a 5-day summer camp on imagination and creation.

The focus isn’t so much on teaching as it is on learning. And the kids will be learning themselves.

One hour of riotous imagination! One hour of unbridled thinking! One hour of freedom for the kids!

No one to tell them what not to think and what can’t be done.

In fact, they’ll be helped to put their thoughts and ideas on paper. They’ll see how to turn a visual idea into words. How to bring an idea to life.

The camp is for children in the age groups 5-8, 8-12 and 12-15.

Dates for the camp are 2-6 May (5-8 yrs), 9-13 May (8-12 yrs) and 16-20 May (12-15 yrs)

The venue is Café Linger On, Baner Road.

The cost of the camp is Rs 1000 per child, which includes material cost and refreshment.

There are goodies to win from Linger On and discounts on memberships at Tender Leaves.

Imagine That!


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