Around the World of books in 45 days

Young Explorer is a Reading Challenge for school students in Pune from 15 April till 30 May 2011. If you have or know children in the age-groups of 5 to 8 years and 9 to 14 years, we invite them to be part of this challenge.

Young Explorer will:
1.       Get more children to read more books
2.       Increase awareness of books
3.       Help children find their genre of interest

But this doesn’t mean the children will race through the Challenge by ticking-off a large number of read books. We’ve focussed on quality, and relevant quality, by giving the children a chance to explore different books recommended for their age. The Challenge promises to be fun. Isn’t that what summer vacation is all about?

But of course, it still remains a challenge. All Young Explorer participants will collect points for books they read between 15 April and 30 May. Recommended book-lists for both the age-groups are ready and waiting.

A book borrowed from the appropriate book-list for one’s age-group fetches 20 points. Any title outside of that book-list fetches 10 points. All participants who collect 100 points will win the Young Explorer Medal. All participants who collect 200 points will win the Bonzer Certified Bibliophile Medal. (Bonzer is our in-house books mascot. Meet him on

Besides Points

There are Fun Pursuits too at Tender Leaves. Such as book quizzes – for example Harry Potter fans can test their knowledge with our quiz. Children who enjoy playing with words can solve a crossword puzzle based on books. And they can even write a 200-word review on a book and we’ll put it up on our blog.

How do you participate in the Young Explorer Challenge!

2 simple steps to get started.

  • Register on (One-time registration fee of           Rs. 150/-)
  • Select the books to read (at least 5) from the appropriate List of 45 Recommended books.

Children across Pune can be part of this Challenge. Over the 45-day period from 15 April to 30 May, Tender Leaves will pick-up and deliver books to your doorstep for free (1 book at a time)

Besides discovering new worlds, children will receive Medals and Certificates as they collect points and complete different Pursuits. Those who complete Pursuits will also win free library subscription plans and other goodies from Tender Leaves.


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