Linger On : Drop Box on Baner Road

As the name suggests, Linger On is the perfect place to do just that. Rajesh and Radhika have put in lot of effort in setting up the place and it shows in each aspect of your experience – the ambience and the decor, the menu card with explanation of each item, the board games and the white-board asking your opinion about India’s World Cup preparations. What about the food? Well, I planned to have just a coffee but the Tiramisu was just too tempting. I had to step out before I lost all control. Enough said.

Rajesh and Radhika have offered to host events for Tender Leaves. We couldn’t thank them enough for their kind gesture – we have lot of events planned in the next few months and one of our concerns was to find a place which is not only accessible but is also comfortable for book readings, book club meetings, workshops etc. So, watch out this space for announcements.

One word of warning : Tender Leaves will not be responsible for any breaking of New Year resolutions just because the pastries and cakes at Linger On were too tempting. From our side, all we can offer is some sympathy that even we couldn’t resist it and Rujuta Diwekar’s Women and The Weight Loss Tamasha.

So, all you bibliophiles on Baner Road, ITI Road and Aundh area:  subscribing to a library just became cooler and more convenient.


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  1. Linger On’s the perfect place…yummy food and perfect setting for a nice read…this is really good book – ‘Eat, Delete’ by Pooja Makheja…it’s my bible these days…:)


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