Susanna’s Seven Husbands

Or should we say 7 Khoon Maaf? Vishal Bhardwaj, one of our favourite moviemakers/music directors/heroes is once more releasing a movie based on a story by Ruskin Bond. The trailers look amazing, as they always do, and the movie’s bound to be worth watching, as it always is.

The least we could do is to stock the book containing the original story! It’s called When Darkness Falls, and besides the story of Susanna, there is also : “the sad wife who returns after her death only to find that her husband has moved on, to another life and another love; a simpleton who outwits a crafty ghost; and Kundan Lal, the reckless rake whom women find irresistible.” Not to mention the fragrance of a simpler world, from Bond’s younger days.

When Darkness Falls

Sounds like the perfect thing to read while waiting for the movie, darling!


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  1. Susanna’s Seven Husbands stands out on the narrative factor. The novel is far better than the on- screen adaptation of the same.
    Ruskin Bond leaves the readers expecting the unexpected and getting gripped in to this new novella of love and death. The femme fatale avatar of the protagonist has been essayed really well.
    It proves to be a nice read!


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