Newsletter #1

For those who joined us later, here’s the first newsletter sent out to Friends of Bonzer, the Google Group for Tender Leaves.


Big update
We have started the Tender Leaves library service – Yay!
You can now request for books, the books will be delivered and picked up from your office/homes. We continue to work on adding other features like the payment gateway, book reviews and ratings.To use software jargon, we are currently running a beta, which means we have started service, but there may be occasional issues that only real users like you will be able to spot which we keep fixing as we encounter them.

Pssttt… HURRY!!! We are offering a discount of 20% on all the plans for the first 50 users. To avail this discount, all you have to do is enter the promo code FIRST50 at the time of signing up.

How can you start using the service?

  1. Hop on to, register as a user and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Browse the book-shelves and add books to your wishlist (The more books you add to the wish-list, the easier it is for us to serve you. E.g. Add at least 10 books to your wish-list if you have chosen the Unlimited-3 plan)
  3. Within 2-3 working days, we will deliver your first set of books. You can make the payment at the time of the first delivery.
  4. When you are done reading the books, log in to the site and under “My Books”, mark them ‘Ready for return’ (at least 2 books at a time).
  5. Then we will send you your next set and at the time of delivery, you can hand over the books you had marked for return.

We will soon start setting up drop-boxes at different locations. Till then, our Delivery/Clearing agents will pick up and deliver the books.

What have we been up to?
The last few days, we have been busy with lot of things. In namma Bengaluru, Sudarshan has been burning the midnight oil to develop the website. Harsh and Anil assisted Sudarshan in the initial design of the website. We continue to work on the look and feel of the website and you will see a significant revision in the next couple of weeks. In Pune, things started moving at a rapid pace when we moved into our office on Aundh Road. Sarita (our first employee) has been relentless in getting the books all ready – covered, bar-coded, arranged properly in shelves. Even 4 year-old Navya has been helping us in sticking bar-codes and sorting books.

Mega Whats 2010
Quizzing is very dear to our hearts and if you are talking of quizzing in  Pune, the Boat Club Quiz Club is the place to be. The BCQC had helped arrange the Pune edition of Mega Whats 2010- Karnataka Quiz Association’s National Open Quizzing Championship. We gave out free Starter Plans worth Rs. 2000/- as prizes to the Best College Team. We will be partnering BCQC for other events – will keep you posted in advance. Please do drop in whenever you can. BCQC events are fun.

Social behaviour

You can follow us on TwitterFacebook and also check out our blog for updates and Book recommendation lists.
We look forward to your participation in these conversations.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of you who have encouraged us right from the beginning. You have motivated us to put our best efforts and we hope to live up to your expectations.

Happy Reading. Spread the happiness around.


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