Just as I was getting ready to link to a recent post by George Thomas on the double-speak and triple-speak in the corporate world, I saw Ramanand’s (Our Customer #1 – Govinda, you have been beaten fair and square to this title of #1) tweet about an article in The Economist. I am not a big fan of the Grammar and Spelling Nazis that trawl Twitter pointing out typos and mis-spelled tweets – I’m not so uptight about the language. In fact I believe we would have moved to the Shavian alphabet or an improved version of it had we not switched from snail mail to e-mail. Yet, I’m distinctly uncomfortable with the corporate language – the obsession with euphemisms is what gets my goat. Reach out, Touch Base, Going Forward have been my pet peeves and I just couldn’t put my arms around them. (Cue to visions of Girja Shankar trying to squash Praveen Kumar in a bear-hug)

Having said that, I must admit few of these gremlins have sneaked into my daily e-mail communication.

Which are the corporatespeak phrases that you hate the most? Which are the corporatespeak phrases that have crept into your language? Let me know by posting your comments on this post.


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  1. Posted by Akshay on December 10, 2010 at 12:21 pm


    “Lay of the land”


  2. Most of these corporate speak are fine with me. The only one that really gets my goat* is ‘revert back’. Teach me to revert forward, and I will teach you to sigh backward.

    *Gets my goat, is typical bloggerspeak / blog-forumspeak. It gets my goat too.


  3. Blogspeak is worse than corporatespeak FTM. Both are cabals.

    You should write an article on cabals and cliques in corporateworld, BVHK. FTM Vivek Laha should.


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